The Year of 1993 is an important year on many worlds, specifically Earth and Adairis.



  • January 11th Vigel Kalexi (leader of the Anti-Josmian movement) (Krussia, Adairis )
  • January 21st Ghenru Vivsen (Great grandson of Zhenri Vivsen, reconquered Planet Kael from the GKS ) (On "Faesi 'Edil"  Ship
  • March 30th Rar Talsek (Shrine Republic Government Reformer) (OTC, Shrine )
  • June 2nd  Yaoep Rakpvis (Inventor of the Viserak "Voided Time Machine") (Arcosvere, Adairis)
  • July 27th Jason Partison (Ancestor of Richard Partison, joined SkyTech in 2015) (United States, Earth )
  • September 8th Vastunm (Leader of the Vramese invasion fleet in 2066) (Larp, Vram)
  • September 27th Matt Tygore (Founder of SkyTech and the UTSEA ) (United States, Earth)
  • October 22nd Vijoel Spherianus (Ancestor of Raark Spherianus, led the Krussians to victory at the battle of Sutein in 2041) (Krussia, Adairis)
  • December 13th Garro Ackstrawar (Future colonist of Myrier) (Lancse, Adairis)
  • December 30th Arnold Paxel (inventor of Standardized Warp Travel) (Canada, Earth)


  • January 4th Rigel De'Taurus (Top Boreluzian Officer in 1876, died at the battle of Kaleo during the Yaring's war) (208) (Hyron IV)
  • March 23rd Nanvran Nalex Erard (Oldest viserak until 2103) (301 Years old) (Boraka, Adairis)
  • September 30th Vri Khao (Krovan Empire's 192nd leader)  (91) (Rearar, Kernal)


  • Treaty of Zhakul, ending the Third assault's period (1941-1993)