Axis of Freedom
Founded March 5, 2507
Defunct Still active
Race Terran/Natogytt
Denonym -
Population -
Leader Commander: Matt McClellan

(Formerly Noemi Cerda) 2506-2512

Secondary lead Lieutenant: Anita Tannen
Head of State Commander
Currency -
Official Language -
Formed from Cerda's Revolution, Son's and Daughters of Sovius, Terran Rebellion, Black Sun
Strength At least 55,000 Militants
Founding Document -
Preceded By CerdaRev Green Revolution
Alliance -
Location Independence/Aridias/Shrine
Capitol Victory Harbinger Crusier (current)

Hernandez Planet Aridias (2507-2512)

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The Axis of Freedom is a Terran /Natogytt Rebel force bent on bringing down StratosTygo , destroying the Kandlia and uniting the Three Technological powers (Terran, Natogytt, Viserak ) into a peaceful coexistence.

The NSAEdit

When the NSA was defeated at Borelecava by the Kandlia, Noemi Cerda formed a new faction, gathering more support on her own.

The AoFEdit

The Axis of Freedom allied with the former NSA allies and attempted to disable the UTSEA's star beacons on Borelecava, however it had failed, they lost 12% of their original force.

The AoF attempted to liberate Sovius but after Noemi Cerda mistakenly let James Ranson live, he contacted the Kaiser who sent a fleet to eliminate the uprising with the frost cores, James Ranson however felt this unnessary but was forced to comply. After this failure they retreated to Aridias and successfully elimated the Kandlia there allowing them time to rebuild. After the "death" of Shadana Mara on Tygotan, the Axis of Freedom along with Gerard Tygore's Forces rescued Rigel Arcasi and his men . during the fighting they managed to link up with Tygotan remnants and managed to send the Arcmind into remission and defeat Loreko Del'Tillios for the second time, though the two factions had been weakened from eachother. Afterwards the AoF activated the Rift Anchor along with activating a Star Beacon on Shrine , leading the remnants there to begin a new life.

They took part in all three Terran Civil Strifes , finally being mostly defunct after the third Strife several decades later when public opinion shifted away from them after the Fall of Hydron.