Basaran Kiev
Born July 1st 2435, NTC (Shrine)
Died 2495 (killed by Hydrus Tygo)
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Faction Republic Shrine Republic
Occupation Rebel Leader
Faction History RepublicShrine Republic 2435-2495

 Basaran Kiev was an SR military officer during the 25th century he was fiercely loyal to the Republic as a Scytherian Party leader, so much so that when Leo Taigo reformed the government he and many others began a civil war just to keep the status quo.

Sniverian Civil WarEdit

During the Sniverian Civil War Basaran Kiev was a young soldier fighting under Alpha Squadron , he was wounded at the battlle of Klertce and was forced to sit out the last year of the war.

Shrine WarsEdit

During the Shrine Wars, Basaran Kiev's experience in fighting the Sniverians was key to stopping their imperialistic expansion, he quickly became a Kommandant and led Alpha Squadron after breaking his leg in 2484 he retired and became a Scytherian Politician making a bid for the SR Kalnediship.

Governor of KanderarchEdit

Basaran Kiev became a governor of Kanderarch in 2487, he would increase the military presence there.

His warEdit

After the Shrine Wars ended it was proposed by Leo Taigo and the Shirian party to reform the government something Kiev strongly opposed, after his increasingly violent tirades against Taigo, he was expelled from the Government and ousted from holding public office, enraged, he and various other officers took up arms against the new "United Sapphirian Republics " and began a civil war against the USR for three years.


in 2495 Kaiser StratosTygo ordered his son Hydrus Tygo to carry out an assassination plot, the first plot failed in january, but by May 2nd Hydrus finally succeeded and killed Kiev without trouble, his body was moved to planet Shrine, soon after Spitter Lacereon VII and the Insurrectionists surrendered, ending the war.