Basaran Kiev's War
The Destruction of the Taigo-Tech Center
Main Info
Date 2492-2495
Place The Sapphirian Sector (mostly Kanderarch)
Result USR Victory, death of Basaran Kiev
Major Battles Battle of Antieta 2495

Battle of Weksordon 2494

Battle of King Yasha 2493

Force 1 Advanced United Sapphirian Republics
Force 2 Republic Shrine Republic Loyalists (Insurrectionists)
Force 3 BetaBeta Squadron Ressurection
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Advanced Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo
Leader 2 Republic Commander: Basaran Kiev
Leader 3 Beta Beta Squadron Warriors
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Advanced

USR: Epsilon Squadron

USR: Delta Squadron

USR: Omicron Squadron

USR: Gamma Squadron

Army 2 Republic

SRL: Alpha Squadron

Stratisian Liberation Front

Beta Squadron West

Boreluzian Mercs

Army 3 Beta

Beta Squadron

Army 4 -
Deaths 1 light
Deaths 2 Heavy
Deaths 3 light
Deaths 4 -
Previous The Shrine Wars
Next Sector Wars
 Afer the reformation era, many Shrine Republic officers and soldiers rebelled, led by Basaran Kiev launched a series of terrorist attacks on the newly formed USR , starting the War

The War


After the first Battle

Basaran Kiev bombed the Taigo-Tech Building to make a point against the USR , The reason why he chose this was the fact that the Taigo-Tech bulding was where the Taigo Reformation took place, 250 people were killed.

Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo declared war on Kiev and his forces. The war lasted roughly three years, battles occuring over 50 worlds and new alliances being made and broken.

The First Battle of Old Antieta

Basaran Kiev moved his forces into Old Antieta (then just Antieta) in 2492 and seized it with ease, the USR forces unprepared pulled back to New Antieta to prepare for a reprisal that never came, most of the SR Loyalists left for other planets, though Rigel Arcasi and his forces surrenderred to Arcto Archon at Old Antieta before the SR made it's departure

Battle of Station Arle'don 

Spore 2014-04-27 19-22-29

Battle of Station Arle'don

The Loyalists launched a surprise attack on a USR: Heinlein Squadron Refueling station over Planet Yungolia, the USR forces were unprepared and lost six ships because of it, but it's well known to be the only reason, the USR Monitor Ships outclassed the Shirer Cruisers in every way, the Loyalists caught a lucky break. Kal Maridasch: Spitter Lacereon VII, captured his brother Spitter Lacereaon VI and put him in the same P.O.W camp as Rigel Arcasi, this would be a major problem later on, still this would be a setback for the USR, at least for a time.

Battle of Hala Hill

Spore 2014-04-27 19-11-40

Janedar's Army moves for the kill.

The USR forces quickly mobilized a massive counterattack, Comissar: Janeder marched a batallion of star Drifters to take over a Loyalist fortress on Yungolia, the enemy forces had the inferior model of Star Drifters and as such they were defeated, Arbitrator: Kallan Hessen of the Loyalist Force.

Battle of the Sedona River

Spore 2014-04-27 20-06-45

SR 12th Expedition sent to their doom

the SR sent a Sniverian-Natogytt force to take planet Sedona from the USR, however the USR intercepted their communications and sent Scleriec Casenhoff to defend it, the USR warped in a fleet of Monitors and bombarded the Loyalist army continuously until the entire expedition was exterminated.


Alpha Squadron and it's parent faction the SAU were disbanded and the war in Stratis continued for 8 more years until the Sector Wars began.

Veterans of this war have mostly been killed off due to the sector wars.