Battle of GustGrad (2554)
USR forces under siege.
Vital statistics
Participants USR

USR Epsilon Squadron

Mu Squadron




Black Star Relics

Date 5/25/2554
Location GustGrad, Sholacava
Result SRE Victory.
The Star Relic Empire invaded Sholacava during the Invasion of Carsannia, USR forces fought them across the core continent, however the Black Star Relics launched an Airstrike just outside the city killing half of Genden Makenerny's army, SAU forces try to engage the bombers but are destroyed.

Genden's forces manage to destroy an enemy fighter-bomber but Genden eventually pulls back to the city center an hour later, General Kie Dingh's forces find the Kender's Corps armor column and engage, his Desolator is destroyed and he later dies upon crash landing.

45 minutes later, Mu Forces arrive to bolster the city defenses and eventually the remainder of SAU destroys Kenders corps, unfortunately it wasn't enough as the bulk of the Relicant army steam rolls through the city and killes Genden, within 30 minutes 500 of the 560 strong force is killed, the rest escape to the troopship and leave, the city is conquered by the SRE soon after.