"The Black Ice Glacier"
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial War
Climate Black Ice Glacier
Sector Sapphirian
Faction Boreluzian Federation
System Hanboliate
Natives -
Discovered 5546 BCE
Discoverer Van Bollio Arcazi
Existent Yes
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Borelus is a cold, dark Ice world fifth planet from Hanboliate, it is owned by the Boreluzian Federation.


This world was discovered in 5546 BCE by Van Bollio Arcazi

Invasion of Borelus in 2499Edit

To begin their creation of the Star Beacons in secret , the UTSEA invaded Borelus in 2499 they succeeded in capturing one of the massive Star Beacons and hauled it to Earth for study, Terran -Boreluzian Relations have been sour ever since