Boreluzian Federation
Sapphirian Standard Cultural design
Founded 5550 BCE
Defunct Still active
Race Natogytt/Terran
Denonym Boreluzian
Population 125,129,000,000
Leader Kal-Nedis: Rigel Bolliazo
Secondary lead None
Head of State Kal Nedis
Currency Boreluzian Ligocci
Official Language Boreluzian-Shirian
Formed from USC Colony of Borelus
Strength Boreluzian Carrier Fleets
Founding Document Articles of Bolliolucci
Preceded By BF Boreluzian Empire
Alliance Centerpoint Alliance
Location Borelus and 248 worlds in the Northeastern Corner of Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Bolliolucci (Black Ice Glacier)
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The Boreluzian Federation is a Natogytt Faction in the Sapphirian Sector, it is the second most powerful Natogytt faction. They have been at war with the Terrans in 2499-2500 and still have disdain for them because of that, however despite this they are a key ally in the Sapphirian Sector


The faction was formed in the 5500's by TEC colonists, with eight other Colonies they succeeded in defeating the TEC and temporaliy joined the Shirier Shrinen Empire, before seceding from that and forming a Boreluzian Empire.

Terran-Boreluzian War 2499-2500

The Boreluzian Federation during the Adaxi Crisis was discovered to be hiding the anti-Terran terrorist Adaxi Pushov in Boliatzuyi province, in response the UTSEA declared war, however the war was also to better study the Star Beacon and to build their own there, the Terrans were pushed out of Borelus months later, where both decided to mutually end the war having accomplished their goals, Adaxi Pushov was later assassinated by Hydrus Tygo in 2501. 

Dominant Faction of Borelus
Sector:Sapphirian, Time:5550-Incumbent
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