Courier Rebellion
Three Swarms prepare for battle
Main Info
Date 24??-2507
Place Various, mostly Frontier
Result Unresolved
Major Battles Clash at Frontier
Force 1 Great Kandlian Swarm
Force 2 Harkoff's Swarm
Force 3 Courier Rebellion
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Swarm King: Sentien
Leader 2 Patriarch: Harkoff
Leader 3 High Courier: Tychondrus
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Razurus Swarm (Remnant)

Elite Swarm

Brunin Swarm

Baranellos Swarm

Benshir Swarm

many others

Army 2 Harkoff's Swarm

Cruor's Swarm

Vyder's Swarm

Army 3 Tychondrus Swarm

Kalos Swarm

Vamde's Swarm

Broodors Swarm

Army 4 -
Deaths 1 High
Deaths 2 High
Deaths 3 Destroyed
Deaths 4 -
Previous Sector Wars
Next Homeland Crisis
This was a civil war between three different Kandlian swarms, the conflict was unresolved as all parties were defeated by the UTSEA at Frontier.

The Beginning

After the disaster at Myst, Sentien, knew his followers were growing tired of his rule, he sent his son Spline to instigate a rebellion within the ranks of the couriers, however it wouldn't be until a few years later that this rebellion would actually begin.

Sector Wars

The conflict began on Sholalusz after Harkoff tricked the Couriers into powering him up, the conflict had many small skirmishes across the stars, until the attack on Earth, and the subsequent defeat on Frontier , where the conflict still lies unresolved.