General Matt McClellan
Born 2469, Vlodavatene, Sovius
Died Matt McClellan is still alive
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Blue
Faction Axis Axis of Freedom
Occupation AoF, General
Faction History UTSEA UTSEA 2469-2492

Crystallos UTSEA: Project Crystallos 2489-2492

SoviusRev Sovius Insurgency 2492-2506

CerdaRev Green Revolution 2505-2507

Axis Axis of Freedom 2507-?

Matt McClellan was an officer under the command of Noemi Cerda

UTSEA ScientistEdit

Matt McClellan was a scientist born on planet Sovius, but raised on Earth, he as well as many others worked on the Frost Core Project. (Project Crystallos) after his close friend, Professor: Lorenzo Jacobs went insane due to the experiments (and was later killed) McClellan quit his job and left Earth for his homeworld of Sovius where he met his childhood friend, Noemi Cerda who coerced him into joining her organization.


Matt McClellan joined Noemi Cerda on many expeditions and attacks on UTSEA interests, he would become the Second in Command of the Axis of Freedom, He took part in the attack on the Sky Tiger III in 2507 and was nearly killed by the Kaiser himself, but managed to escape as McClellan's men gave their lives to allow him to escape.

Eventually Matt would join in on the invasions of Borelecava, the first time being routed, the second being tricked by Rav Harkoff, allowing him to control some Kandlia for himself. Later the TEC invaded in 2510 and forced Matt to join with his enemies to push them back, he joined the massive expedition to Tygotan and later with Noemi Cerda, Gerard Tygore and Rigel Arcasi, they rescued millions of Tygotan Civilians from the Arcmind's wrath.