Homeland Conflict
Krussia Province, Adairis
Main Info
Date 2508
Place Adairis
Result Allied Victory

Gerard Tygore's "Death"

Death of Loreko

Reunification of AVS

1 Billion dead Viserak Civilians

Major Battles Battle of Southsphere

Battle of Aragdenz

Battle of Northsphere

Battle of Azul

Retaking of Krussia

Force 1 Allied

Allied Forces


Advanced United Sapphirian Republics

AVS Adairin Viserak Systems (AVS)

HKswarm Harkoff's Swarm

BlackWing Black Wing Squadron

Axis Axis of Freedom

Antarctos2 Antarctos Corps

TygoreFlag Gerard Tygore's Forces

Force 2
Loreko's Zealots

Passenger Loreko's Zealots

Enclave Josminian Enclave

Force 3 HKswarm Harkoff's Swarm (before the Battle of Krussia)
Force 4 UTSEA UTSEA (before the Battle of Krussia)
Leader 1 TygoreFlag Gerard Tygore
Leader 2 Passenger Loreko De'Tillios
Leader 3 HKswarm Patriarch Harkoff
Leader 4 UTSEA Kaiser StratosTygo
Army 1 Viserak Liberation Front

Axis of Freedom

Black Wing Squadron

Army 2 Loreko's Zealots

Josminian 2nd Legion

Josminian 4th Legion

Army 3 Harkoff's Swarm

Razurus Swarm Survivors

Baranellos Survivors

Army 4 UTSEA: Antarchtos Corps

UTSEA: Expeditionary Fleet

Deaths 1 Heavy
Deaths 2 Destroyed, only Henegan Ardenne's forces survived
Deaths 3 Moderate
Deaths 4 Moderate
Previous The Disorder
Next Second Sector War

The war during Civil Conflict, featuring the return of nearly every major player during the Sector wars

The WarEdit

The war featured a civil conflict between the Viserak and the arrival of Loreko , initially started with the Josminian Enclave overthrow of Alexis Sugof 's regime. Gerard Tygore and his forces having been planet hopping for nearly a year , finally returned to Adairis to challenge the Josminian Enclave. The newly formed "Adairin Liberation Front" acquried the Jewel of Borales, and eventually fought against the Terrans and Kandlia on Borelecava to rescue Alexis Sugof.

During the Battle of Krussia, the UTSEA , AoF, AVS , Kandlian Swarm , Black Wing Squadron, Josminian Enclave AND the Lorekan Zealot Legions were all engaged in battle in and nearby the region, Harkoff and Cerda through their surveillance and Harkoff's powers witnessed Narune Tygore murdering Alexis Sugof and eradicating his forces before destroying the witness forces.

Soon it was found out that Narune Tygore was really Loreko himself, at first it was thought that he was a Dark Passenger but it was later known that he was the last of the original Psions having frozen himself in the ice-fields of Chrysalvio, having been awakened in the 2450's by Kasil Orsin's defeat in the Planetary Dominance War of '53, though he did disguise himself as a Dark Passenger.

Every force on Adairis allied together to defeat the powerful Loreko, a 100 multi-force squad led by StratosTygo and Gerard Tygore killed Loreko, unfortunately Roen and Gerard were lost in the battle, and StratosTygo gained a massive boost in Psionic power by absorbing Loerko's attacks, though the power soon faded (pissing off the Kaiser GREATLY) Gerard and Roen were still nowhere to be found, however Spitter Taigo opted to stay with the Viserak as he felt that Gerard and Roen were teleported by the Kaiser (Though he refused to speak on the matter) after this conflict the status quo returned and the faction were at eachother's throats, though Loreko still lives he's much weaker and is now cowering somewhere, amongst the stars.