Kaiser Drake Liska
Kaiser of the Pavonis Sector
Born July 6th 1990
Died Drake Liska still lives
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Faction Drake Liskan Terran Republic
Occupation General
Faction History 51star United States of America 1990-2012

LoNP League of Neutral Powers 2012-2014

SoE Squadron of Extermination 2014-2014

Skytech SkyTech 2014-2015

Blade1 Draco's Dragons 2015-2046

Skytech Lunar Colony I 2045-2072

NewEarth United Sovereign States of New Earth 2072-2100

NewEarth Liskan Democratic Republic 2100-2335

Drake Liskan Terran Republic 2335-

 "It's been almost a month since we left the US, seems that the population was higher than we thought.. just.. hiding, we've gained over 300 recruits in Argentina alone and about a good 500 everywhere else, this is good for us. I haven't forgotten what Night Tech did, they will face justice soon."

-Draco Liska, just before Matt Tygore 's Return


Draco's Uprising.

 Draco Liska was one of the first SkyTech officers, he was present during the Rise of Matt Tygore Era and the fall of nations,He was Matt Tygore's Second in command and his closest friend. 

World War III


Drake Liska in 2014

Founder of the USSNE
Highest Position
Office 1st President of the Liskan Terran Republic
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Jimmy Madison
Assumed office July 4, 2335
Left office January 20, 2344
Second Highest Position
Office2 Governor of USSNE
Preceded by2 none
Succeeded by2 Yoshirou Ajax
Assumed office2 December 12, 2072
Left office2 March 15, 2081
Third Highest Position
Office3 Deputy Director of SkyTech
Preceded by3 none
Succeeded by3 Anderson Gustav
Assumed office3 September 17, 2014
Left office3 June 22, 2015
Personal Details
Nation Liskan Terran Republic
Political Party Business Party Business Party
Spouse Jannicke (Avery) Liska
Children Quinn Liska b. (2200

Mark Liska b. (2203

Parents Sally (Ben) Liska (Mother)

Michael Liska (Father)

Residence New America city, New Earth
Professions President

Deputy Director

Rebel Commander


Religion Egressionist Egressionist

New Earth

When world war 3 went Nuclear Draco and his 4 brothers living in Texas went into the countryside to escape the threat, once the smoke had cleared he was met by Matt Tygore who had joined the League of Neutral Powers, Tygore was sent by Mark Michaels to recruit survivors around the South and western United States. Draco and his siblings abliged. In the following months the "Nuclear Ravagers" killed off Draco's remaining family, and with the battle of MetroTech he lost most of his fr iends, however a few months later,Matt Tygore returned this time with Psionic Abilities, Both forces merged and soon after destroying the Ravagers "SkyTech" was formed. After the formation, and exodus to Antarctica Draco was key in defeating the Allied forces after operation "Flash Freeze" despite the victory Draco felt that Tygore was becoming tyrannical and rebelled. 


Draco and Jack Cerda along with a few hundred others formed "Draco's Dragons" and rebelled against the new "Kaiser" during the battle of East Antarctica, Jack cerda was killed, forcing Draco to flee

to the Falkland islands where he put up an impressive defense but was overun by UTSEA forces, the Kaiser in a complete surprise to everyone proclaimed that Draco Liska was a national hero.

despite this,  he still launched a stolen nuke at the US anyway, cementing his position as Kaiser. Draco Liska fled to places unknown before the onset of the First Space war where he stole a ship and left for the Pavonis Sector.

The Egression

After 46 years of running and hiding from the UTSEA on Earth, the Space War brought advanced space tech to wealthy civilians, Drake Liska had been developing Psionic powers like his adversary Matt Tygore, however he realized he was outmatched by the Military and Tygore's own veterancy of his powers, instead Liska opted to find a new home scientists discovered a planet  in the Pavonis sector identical to planet Earth, however the economy and lunar/martian colonization was the most important task, Liska and his team stole a wealthy man's space transport and traveled to the planet, however the estimated time was 104 years the non-Psionic crew of 128 went into cryosleep while Liska hoping that his Psionic powers would let him live long enough stayed awake to pilot the ship.


in 2165 the ship finally reached "New Earth" Liska survived but was weak, he managed to awaken his crew before they met the Orokuin species of Psionic aliens who assisted them , the Orokuins had lost their empire to the Oya Conclave and they too were on the run from a new authority.and formed an alliance with the Humans over the next Two centuries the two allies repopulated and had small empires, they lived in relative peace until 2351 when a UTSEA Scout Fleet discovered them...