Kanderarch Incident
Ruins of old Antieta
Vital statistics
Participants UTSEA

Kanderarch Civilians

Terran Rebels

USR: Omicron Squadron

Date October 11, 2496
Location Old Antieta
Result First Frostcore-Star Beacon attack, Destruction of the City, Terran Civil Strife begins.
The Incident here caused controversy not only that but a coalition of Terran Factions joined together to oppose the UTSEA in the conflict known as the "Terran Civil Strife"

The Event

The Four Natogytt explorers who survived the attack on Sangerrika fled to the USR Consolate on their homeworld of Kanderarch, at the City of Antieta. Two USR Officers in liason with the Kanderach local government, Sergo Thalsn and Kayin Hardte where present at the consolate as well having made friends with UTSEA: Special Agent: Noemi Cerda a few years previously.  However, Within only a few minutes UTSEA ships arrived in low orbit of the planet, the commander "James Rico Hernandez" and his lieutenant Noemi Cerda were in the Harbinger Battleship, "Earth's Fury" within a few minutes the Kaiser gave the order, A previously built Star Beacon was activated on Kanderarch, and a Frost core was dropped, when it reached terminal velocity it too was activated.. The eventual chaos that ensued destroyed the city and killed ALL of it's inhabitants. James Hernandez and Noemi Cerda, realizing what they had done furiously contacted the Kaiser, who responded with his SkyTiger II's cannons.

The Revelation

In 2518 The Terran-Natogytt "Truth" agency uncovered the reason for the Kanderarch Incident, it was discovered that the explorers had found vital information on the UTSEA's long term plans for Galactic domination, the only way for the explorers to show their information was to send the documents through the Antieta Doc Analyzer which would show concrete evidence of the UTSEA's plans. soon after, SkyWing covenant, Axis of Freedom and the Sons and Daughter's of Sovius declared war on the UTSEA beginning the Second Strife.

The Aftermath

The ongoing conflict between Terran forces led to the deaths of many, (mostly on the Rebels side) most of the rebels died out the only real rebel groups left are the Axis of Freedom and the Skywing Covenant.