Liberation of Tartuss
Kyful City, Tartuss
Vital statistics
Participants United Captain's League

Tartuss Conglomerate

Date July 15th 2500
Location Tartuss
Result UCL Goals accomplished

Pro-Viserak Tartusi victorious

Eradication of Tartuss Conglomerate

 The event took place in the 2500's due to a dispute between anti-viserak and pro-viserak factions.


For years a conglomerate of Three powerful Corporations, "Ty'an Cartel, Rengard's co. and Parro-Secil Combine" have controlled the planet of Tartuss. Because of their senseless strip mining and over-use of resources the UCL ordered them to stop, in response the Conglomerate made an attempt to assassinate the council in 2499, by 2500 UCL was ready to retaliate.

Task force "C" (Gerard's team) was sent to the planet in secret, they weren't alone, as the UCL also sent Task forces "F" and "X" to hunt down the leaders of these factions.

Task force C now led by a promoted Gerard Tygore set up charges along the walls of Fort Kyful, the entire fort was alight in explosions and fire, this caused the bulk of the Conglomerate defense to advance to that position in response, meanwhile force F, contacted the local rebel group and had them launch an attack on the Conglomerate force, force X took out their communications around the city.

Task force C quickly fought their way through the remaining guards killing five of them, they blasted the doors and rounded up the Conglomerate higher ups executing them on the spot, Gerard Tygore relayed the success to UCL, UCL contacted the various rebel forces on Tartuss and a massive conflict for control began, as the UCL pulled out.

The mission was a success as Tartuss a month later fell under the control of a Pro-Viserak Leader.