Patriarch Harkoff

(Rav Harkoff)

Comm Portrait
Born 2475 Eastsphere, Adairis

2505 (as Kandlia)

Died July 8th 2505

Reborn September 1st 2505

Race Viserak (Formerly)


Gender Male
Hair None
Eyes Blue/Red (Two Sets)
Faction HKDynasty Harkoff Dynasty
Occupation Patriarch
Faction History AVS AVS 2475-2505

TygoreFlag Gerard Tygore's Forces 2505-2505

GKS GKS 2505-2505

HKswarm Harkoff's Swarm 2505-2511

Infinity Infinity Swarm 2511-2517

HKDynasty Harkoff Dynasty 2522-?

Rav Harkoff is a former Viserak turned Kandlian Courier. He eventually gained the title Patriarch once he left the Great Kandlian Swarm .

Early LifeEdit


Harkoff in his old armor

Before the Sector wars, Harkoff was a soldier and eventually a Beam Captain during the Viserak Civil War . Starting on the Rakp Visa's Side he defected to AVS and helped Gerard Tygore and  Captain Polenski to track down Visa. He was the Viserak that killed Visa's lieutenant Ionus Vissin.

Sector WarsEdit

During the Sector Wars Harkoff was the Second Viserak officer to invade the Sapphirian Sector (first was Raark Spherianus) During the Civil Conflict he allied with Gerard Tygore and the rebels. Later Harkoff and his allies rescued Gerard Tygore but were chased by the Kandlia to pier 41 where he was shot dead by Rigel Arcasi , later on,  the Kandlia invaded and corrupted many Viserak, Praetorians and Natogytts who died in the area, the first being Harkoff who killed the other corrupted and for this was chosen for couriership.

He would later embrace his new powers, becoming even more powerful through the absorption of the Star Cores.

He was defeated at frontier along with the other Kandlian Forces, however unlike them, he escaped to fight the UTSEA  for a few months. He has exiled himself to the Amethys Sector.

He has since merged with Crux Vorpalis, Draliska, Sentien and Brunin to form the Arcmind .