Premaris: Alexis Sugof
Born 2463 Kurusshiya, Adairis
Died 2508 Northsphere, Adairis
Race Viserak
Gender Male
Hair none
Eyes Green
Faction AVS Adairin Viserak Systems
Occupation Premaris of the Viserak Empire
Faction History AVS Adairin Viserak Systems 2463-2508

AVS Adairin Liberation Front 2508-2509

12th Premaris of AVS
Alexis Sugof's Ship at the capitol of Adairis
Highest Position
Office Premaris
Preceded by Arctus Sugof
Succeeded by Ionus Maardin
Assumed office July 27, 2492
Left office September 4, 2508
Second Highest Position
Office2 Baronyet of Kurusshiya
Preceded by2 Garakasul Vaagh Sygore
Succeeded by2 Celik Gron
Assumed office2 March 19, 2489
Left office2 July 20, 2492
Third Highest Position
Office3 AVS 728th Fleet Beam Captain
Preceded by3 Korromarch Vatacej
Succeeded by3 Gerard Vrak
Assumed office3 March 1, 2476
Left office3 March 19, 2489
Personal Details
Nation AVS Adairin Viserak Systems
Political Party RepKrussia Kurussihya
Spouse Vorlong Aek (Matriarch)

Saggerty Heng (Carrier)

Children Karog Sugof (b.2481

Rit Sugof (B.2493

Parents Arctus Sugof (Patriarch)

Ryna Spherianus (Matriarch)

Masenna Sugtarov (Carrier)

Residence Azul, Northsphere, Adairis (Official)
Professions Premaris


Beam Captain

Kuru Servant

Religion Josminian Crest East Josminianism

Alexis Sugof is the leader of AVS .

Early LifeEdit

Alexis was born to the wealthy, "Sugof" family clan in 2463. througout his childhood he was priviledged, despite this he took an interest in Military culture at age 12, a year later he signed up for the AVSN, serving on his father's Vector Cruiser: "Grakou" he would continue serving the AVSN until the onset of the FTS occupation of Kuparia, he was forced to return home as his father recaptured the world and eventually became the Premaris of AVS. unfortunately he became ever more greedy and tyrranical, his rule became a haven for the highest class and a rut for everyone else.

His father ruled from 2478-2492 it was in 2492 that his father's opressive regime was put to an end with the assassination of '92 he was killed the leadership of AVS fell to both Alexis and the AVSN Admiral: Rakp Visa, soon however Visa's treachery became known and he was expelled from AVS, Alexis quickly began mobilizing his forces for war, after a  grueling ten year war, Visa was killed leaving Alexis unchallenged he was later convinced to invade the weakened Sapphirian Sector.

Sector WarsEdit

Only a year and half after the war, he was fed false information on the defenses of the Sapphirian Sector, along with information on new sources of energy, the Rigellian Marble Cores.

He launched the invasion which started the Sector wars.

Years later in 2507 he would take part in the anti-temporal alliance against Spitter Taigo, he would later return home a war mongerer and eventually the instability of the state would drive him out, this caused the Josminians to take over.

Homeland ConflictEdit

The homeland Conflict began with Henegan Ardenne and the Josminian take over of AVS, Alexis Sugof was hunted but escaped and hid on planet Borelecava under the UTSEA's nose. He was rescued by the Adairin Liberation front, and returned to Adairis to fight the last remaining battles of the conflict. 

During the retaking of Adairis he was "betrayed" by Narune Tygore and eradicated by his goons. 

Alexis Sugof had two sons Karog and Rit who continued the persecution of the Josminians.