Psion Praetorian
Psion Order armor
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Rigellian Ore {{{Rigellian Ore}}}
Supply 2
Production Center Enlistment Camp
Time Long
Requirements General's Hall, Praetorian Fortress
Race Natogytt
Hypertype Biological, Psionic
Weapon Photosar Blades (26 per blade) (Ground)
Secondary Weapon -
Hit Points 100
Armor Type Medium
Armor 1
Shields 100
Attack Type Piercing
Attack Type2 -
Size Small
Cargo size 2
Speed Fast
Atk Speed Normal
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Special Abilities
Ability 1 Teleport
Ability 2 Psi Wave
Ability 3 Defrost
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The Psion Praetorians are elite Natogytt warriors they are retrieved at a young age to train on Kall and Kalrein in the arts of Psionic amplification and Psionic warfare, only the most powerful of Psionic Natogytts are accepted, even fewer become Psion Praetorians.

The Psion Praetorians are equiped with the most advanced personelle armor, they utilize the Photosar blades, which are almost a few molecules thin, their ranged abilities are based on pure Psionic energy waves.

Terrans find them difficult to defeat, their cryotech is almost useless, as the Psion Praetorians advanced Psionics can manipulate liquids keeping them in that state thus preventing freezing.