Raark Spherianus
Born 5/24/2438
Died 2508
Race Viserak
Gender Male
Hair -
Eyes Red
Faction AVS Adairin Viserak Systems
Occupation Beam Captain of the 4880th Fleet
Faction History AVS AVS 2438-2507

Josminian Josminian Enclave 2507-2508

Raark Spherianus was a Viserak beam captain during the Sector wars.

Viserak Civil WarEdit

Raark Spherianus was a veteran of the "Viserak-Silverstone" conflict, however his tactics were directed at the Terrans as opposed to his fellow viserak, he was constantly outsmarted by Ionus Vissin and Rakp Visa on the ground, however in Space he dominated the two traitors with ease.

At the battle of Aladrax he was captured by Confederate general Karl Manov, he was later rescued by the then young Gerard Tygore, they left the planet just in time for Alexis Sugof to bombard it, killing Manov. Later he was the one responsible for blockading Acai, where Rakp visa and his rebels would find their demise.

Sector Wars and beyond.Edit

Raark was the first Viserak to enter the Sapphirian Sector (ever) he led the 4880th fleet to victory on Capricon and 27 other Natogytt Colonies, however he met Epsilon Squadron in combat on Sukhoi, and was once again outsmarted on the ground, this time by Rigel Arcasi and Spitter Lacereon VI. Doran Nazuth took over after Raark's defeat, by order of  the Josminian War code, all failing generals are to be imprisoned until the Parliament decides to free them.

He was reinstated after Gerard Tygore's defection, he chased him all over planet Adairis, where he trapped him at Mayrykopa County where Raark, remembering what Gerard did for him, let him escape, Raark would claim that he was outsmarted by Gerard, which was very easy to believe.

The EnclaveEdit

Raark Spherianus an avid Josminian joined the Enclave after Alexis was exiled from Adairis. he would be Henegan Ardenne's Second in command but would later be killed by Harkoff's forces at Krussia province.