Visa's Confederacy
Founded 2497
Defunct 2500, Battle of Gearned
Race Viserak
Denonym Visarian
Population 17,600,000
Leader Rakp Visa
Secondary lead Ionus Vissin
Head of State Federater
Currency Visarbles
Official Language Northspherian
Formed from AVS Colony of Acai
Strength Elite Guard
Founding Document Visa's Consitution
Preceded By AcaiFlag Commune of Acai
Alliance -
Location Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Acai
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}


On August 12th 2497 Rakp Danaan Visa and his old battallion formed the Elite Guard.

The Elite Guard would see over 74 battles in their 3 year long existance one of these was the battle of Icecore glacier (Planet Chrysheila) the Guard managed to invade and conquer AVS's defenses.

The battle of Cursk on planet Humiditon would proof their strength they defeated a much larger AVS battallion the greatly succesfull 412th Battallion.
Elite Guard Flag

The New Elite Guard under the Command of Char Del'A'Casi

By 2500 AVS was winning the War and at this point they invaded the rebel capitol of Gearned this is where the Elite guard made their stand over 1200 of their remaining 1542 members were killed the remainders surrendered and rejoined the AVS military.

Although the Elite Guard was dissolved 300+ years prior the AVS of the 2840's created a faction of the same name to fight against the Holy Viserak army.