SkyTech: HK-91 Interceptor
UTSEA Interceptor
Vital statistics
Type Spacecraft/Aircraft(mode change)
Faction UTSEA, Skywing Covenant, Axis of Freedom, various Terran Mercs
Role Anti-Frigate, Anti-Carrier, Anti-Battleship anti-bomber Fighter
Contractor SkyTech
Primary Weapon Macro Pulse Anti-ship Cannons
Secondary Weapon Mini Pulse Dogfight guns
Created 2487, built from SkyTech: HK86 Headhunter
Creator Edgar Higgs
Retired This Vehicle is still in use
Service length 2487-?
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The SkyTech interceptor was designed by Edgar Higgs in 2487.

It is the forefront spacefighter and only one of two used by the UTSEA


The Interceptor was created in response to the return of large battleships on the space front.

Success and Shortcomings

The Interceptor has proven itself in the 16 wars that it was used in, specifically it's role in the Sector Wars, it outscored kills against the Viserak and Natogytts fighters combined, however in actual dog fights this fighter is weak it is lightly armored(unlike every other UTSEA vehicle) and it's mini pulse cannons are relatively weak.

Despite that, there are no plans to retire this fighter.