Terran Civil Strife (CS-1)
UTSEA Interceptors over Kanderarch 2506
Main Info
Date 2496 - September 18th 2512
Place The Nine Sectors
Result Treaty of New Antieta (De facto UTSEA victory)

Noemi Cerda Retires from the Axis of Freedom

Major Battles Battle of New Antieta

Conquest of Independence

Invasion of Aridias

Battle of Kall-Zeinlin

Fall of Sovius

Force 1
Allied Forces


Advanced United Sapphirian Republics

AVS Adairin Viserak Systems

Draliskan Draliskan Empire

Skywing SkyWing Covenant

Krovan Krovan Protectorate

Force 2
The Anti-Establishment

Axis Axis of Freedom

Axis Sons and Daughters of Sovius

Univor Univor

Univor Darkivor

SapphirianFlag Nodacon Protectorate

Beta Beta Squadron Ressurrection

Darkstar2 DarkStar Conglomerate

Kray Kraytaelai

Force 3 Chaos Praetorian Scouting Fleet
Force 4 Dark Passenger Reconnoiters
Leader 1 Kaiser StratosTygo

Kal-Nedis: Leo Taigo

Premaris: Alexis Sugof/Daniel Klighton/Henegan Ardenne

King: Draliska

President: Richard Parley

Duvri Duvsin

Leader 2 Commander: Noemi Cerda

Commander: Cash Friedrick

Zhenri Vivsen


Nodacon Yivran Council


Magnez Oltron

Leader 3 Papalus: Zhon Arok II
Leader 4 N/A
Army 1 Various
Army 2 Various
Army 3 Oya Imperial Scouting Force
Army 4 N/A
Deaths 1 Moderate
Deaths 2 Heavy
Deaths 3 Light
Deaths 4 None
Previous Union-Covenant Conflict '94
Next Second Strife
The Terran Civil Strife was primarily a conflict between the UTSEA and the Axis of Freedom, other forces participated but their involvment was minor.

Course of the War

The war had several years of  conflict and several years of cold war, despite the lengthy nature of the war, nothing was really resolved by the end of it, because of this, two more Civil strifes have occured afterwards