The Dark Passengers
Only known DP symbol
Founded Unknown, sometime after the Boralissian Empire
Defunct 2530, Fall of A'Krax
Race Dark Ty'Ger
Denonym Dark Passenger
Population Unknown
Leader Loreko Del'Tilios (Formerly)

Monarch: Kupoek

Secondary lead Loreko Del'Tilios
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Alliance -
Location Antares Sector
Capitol A'Krax
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 The Dark Passengers are a mysterious band of "Dark Ty'Ger" that split from the Psion Order sometime after the formation of the Boralissian Empire , they were exiled to the Antares sector by the Psion Imperium, where they settled on a jungle world, named "A'Krax" they eradicated all the native Antaresian factions, specifically the Kuxeri Dominion (The Dominant Antaresian faction).

They became a feared faction, even by the Kandlia all the way until their botched invasion, where the UTSEA easily destroyed their military and executed their leadership, the Dark Ty'Ger are now under a UTSEA puppet state ruled by Daderan Diev named the "Ty'Ger Protectorate".

Ty'Geric Heretic UprisingEdit

The Dark Ty'Ger were hated by their Psion Rulers, they were harboured by the Boralissian Empire.