USR: Alpha Squadron
Alpha Flag
Founded 9/16/2369
Defunct Still Active
Race Natogytt
Denonym Alphakal
Population 2,250,000 Troops
Leader Basaran Kiev (Formerly)

Spitter Lacereon VII (Formerly)

Suni Del'Toni

Secondary lead Arcto Archon
Alliance United Sapphirian Republics Sectorial Army
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Based in Kanderarch

Alpha Squadron is USR fleet created after the disasterous Great Sapphirian War.

Faction HistoryEdit

initially controlled by the Kal Nedis, Kal Nedis Khalian Enderzich in 2429 during the Tech wars, used officers to control their squadrons, the original was Jaaje Zaigo from Kanderarch, eventually the faction itself would be based there. after 4 leaders had succeeded Zaigo, Chairo Durblum gave control of Alpha Squadron to veteran officer Basaran Kiev after his rebellion and eventual death, it was passed to Spitter Lacereon VII who retired and passed it to Suni Del'Toni.

Alpha Squadron rarely sees combat as it's purpose is to defend Shrine and the USR core worlds.