USR: Delta Squadron
Delta Flag
Founded 6/17/2374
Defunct Still Active
Race Natogytt
Denonym Deltakal
Population 1,720,000
Leader Yosev Staris (KIA)

Shadana Mara

Secondary lead Yame Yakner
Alliance United Sapphirian Republics Sectorial Army
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Halacava

Delta Squadron is a USR fleet created after the disasterous Great Sapphirian War.

Faction History

Initially controlled by the Kal Nedis, Kal Nedis Khalian Enderzich in 2429 during the Tech wars, used officers to control their squadrons, the original was Karu Spitorian of Halacava, he passed it to Yosef Staris and eventually was succeeded by Shadana Mara in 2498.

During the Sector Wars Delta Squadron was mostly destroyed by the Viserak 412th Fleet at the battle of Sholacava, However Shadana Mara reoganized the Faction with the help of Rigel Arcasi it is currently operational.