United Sapphirian Republics
United Sapphirian Flag
Founded April 1, 2492,
Defunct This Faction is Still active
Race Natogytt/Sniverian/Human/Nodacan/Lejopian/Star Relicant/Ty'ger/200 other species
Denonym Sapphirian
Population 894,900,129,000
Leader Kal Nedis: Van Tego (2514-)

Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo (2492-2514) (Impeached)

Kal Nedis: Wertias Opop/Razar(Temporarily) (Dead)

Secondary lead Wertias Opop(Formerly)

Spitter Lacereon VIII

Head of State Kal Nedis
Currency Rarchs
Official Language Shirian
Formed from Shrine Republic
Strength 72 Squadrons
Founding Document The Taigo Refomation
Preceded By Republic Fourth Shrine Republic
Alliance Old Sapphirian Alliance
Location Sapphirian Sector/ Sangerrikan Sector/ Tyyrian Sector/ Antares Sector
Capitol Shrineopolis, Planet Shrine
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The USR is the 8th incarnation of a Natogytt Government in the Sapphirian Sector, formed to rebuild their great republic after the Shrine Wars that had weakened the Shrine Republic , Leo Taigo has led the faction from it's inception and still leads to this day.

Shrine Wars and Basaran Kiev War

After the Sniverian Surrender in 2492 the controversial reformation by Commander Leo Taigo, many officers including Basaran Kiev and Spitter Lacereon VII pledged alliegience to the old Shrine Republic and began a civil war which they lost.

Interplanetary Confederation
Shrineopolis Skyline
Founder Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo


Co Founders Chairo Durblum

Spitter Lacereon III

Yuni Taigo

Shirier Adlar

Daniel Hartaes

Sliven Kliven

Founding Party Shirian Party Shirian Party
Founding Location New Tygotan City, Shrine
Circumstance Taigo Reformation
Preceded by Republic Fourth Shrine Republic
Succeeded by incumbent
Additional Political
Dominant Parties Shirian Party Shirian Party

Republic Old Scytherian Party (OCP)

Alphaflag Kal Scytherian Party

Majority Party Republic OCP
Party Leader Van Tego
Government Type Interplanetary Confederation
Government Body 1 Kal Nediship
Government Body 2 The Kal Directory
Government Body 3 Patreonic Directory
Government Body 4 Cava Chamber
Government Body 5 Squadron Tribunal
Capitol Building Shirian World Capitol Tower

Basaran Kiev was assassinated by UTSEA liason officer: HydrushTygo and Lacereon VII defected back to USR, as did the other 50 officers that joined the other side.

Taigo Reformation

After the Sniverians were defeated in March of 2492, it became clear to various officials along with the public that the Shrine Republic's handleling of the war was mediocore at best having it drag much longer than it needed to, Elite Psi Squadron commanderLeo Taigo and the majority of the Shirian party agreed that changes needed to be made. Former Kal-Nedis: Chairo Durblum in conjunction with Taigo drew up plans for a new government system.

The system was of a Union of the semi independent worlds instead of a federal "Republic" (which was in name only)  on April 1st of 2492 the Shirian Party led by Leo Taigo was victorious in the last Shrine Republic election, within the same day, Leo Taigo announced the regime cahge and thus Shrine Republic was no more and was replaced by the United Sapphirian Republics.

The Sector Wars

Eight years after Basaran Kiev's war , the USR defeated their allies on Stratis but the sector itself was invaded by three extra-sectorial forces during the Sector Wars , first the Viserak , then the Kandlia and finally the Human's UTSEA faction.

The USR managed to safeguard their worlds with strategy and brute force.

Dominant Natogytt Government In the Sapphirian Sector
Sector:Sapphirian, Time:2492-
Preceded by
Fourth Shrine Republic 2436-2492
Succeeded by