Zarnian invasion of Fulsoff
Main Info
Date January 14th 2501 - May 1st 2501
Place Fulsoff
Result Viserak Victory
Major Battles Battle of Fulosoph

Battle of Outer Camra

Battle of Ten

Clash over Fulsoff

Eradication of Zarnian Fleet

Force 1 Viserak Allied Forces
Force 2 Zarnian Empire
Force 3 UTSEA Expeditionary Fleet
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Yurune Kaarg

Alexis Sugof

Gerard Tygore

Leader 2 Emperor: Zajh
Leader 3 Admiral: Kent Liska
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Fulsoff Republic

Adairin Viserak Systems

United Captain's League

Army 2 Zarnian Ground Forces

Zarnian Imperial Navy

Army 3 UTSEA: South Fleet
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Major
Deaths 2 Moderate (entire fleet obliterated)
Deaths 3 3 Interceptors lost
Deaths 4 -
Previous Viserak Civil War
Next Sector Wars

Zarnian Invasion of FulsoffEdit

in 2501 the Zarnian Empire and Fulsoff Republic were at odds because of a massive trade dispute, the Zarnians were stealing Fulsoff goods sent from the Vramese Empire, soon the Zarnians invaded the planet to pacify them.

Several cities were destroyed in the first seven hours as the Republic was preparing to surrender the 2500 strong UCL relief force (over half of the faction) arrived on the planet, still it was not enough, in the city of Fulosoph, Warrior Danyule Klighton and his unit were all that stood against the Zarnian Combat walkers and their support troops, Task force C led by Gerard used their new technology, the Tonitrui armored vehicle , which destroyed the combat walkers, after a 24 hour long battle the main fleet of AVS led by Raark Spherianus arrived. Soon after the Zarnians were pushed out of the core cities. Gerard , Harkoff and Daniel forged a close friendship as they fought against the Zarnian empire.

within months the Zarnians pulled back, as the UTSEA Expeditionary fleet eradicated the stragglers along with Hydrus Tygo assassinating the Zarnian Emperor.